About ME

My goal is simple; I want to help your business achieve the greatest possible success by providing the valuable insight you need at a reasonable cost.


My greatest skill is the ability to provide creative solutions to difficult problems. Thinking outside the box is my playground.


You are the expert in your business, but I'm are the expert in driving people to your business. Let me do the heavy lifting.


From the receptionist to the delivery team, everyone should understand and participate in your ongoing marketing.

I CAN Help You GROW Your Business NOW!

While many things in life sound too good to be true, some things are worth their weight in gold.  Evaluating existing marketing, optimizing efforts and generating measurable return is what I do for breakfast.
RECENT Project


Terra Aerial is a startup that brings the power of drone technology to the billion dollar agriculture and oil gas industries.  With the use of advanced lenses and data mining, customers are able to increase yield exponentially year after year.


What People Say

Having worked in some of the largest marketing firms in the country, I have found a true trailblazer here.  Such a creative mind with some serious skills to back it…

Greg Vennerholm Director of Branding Arts

Working on the Motion Picture industry puts you in touch with a lot of “marketing gurus”.  CPorter.Digital’s campaigns outperformed the best of our other online marketing 4 to 1, and 6…

Michael Willcoxon Studio Executive

To be completely honest, my company is a competitor.  With that said, I advise all of my digital clients to allow CPorter.Digital to handle their digital strategy.  Regularly collaborating on…

Chad Shockley Director of Marketing